Treatment Of Tinnitus By Ear Drop

The noise in the ears, buzzing, hum … about four million adults in Germany hear such sounds, which do not exist for others. Even with ear drops these diseases cannot be cured and surgery would be the last chance for patients with tinnitus.

When excluded as the cause of their own body sounds, then talk about tinnitus.

Tinnitus – a phantom sound, which is particularly concerned about the silence. It can lead to almost unbearable mental stress, impaired concentration, insomnia, depression and even panic attacks.

Medication To Tinnitus with ear drop:

Tinnitus is unique as the man himself. Different people suffering from tinnitus, hearing different sounds. Vary both the frequency and volume of the phantom sound. Also, a phantom sound different localization: it can be in one or both ears, and it may seem that it occurs right in the head. As I said earlier if you can use a good ear drop in the previous stage of tinnitus you can stay away from it by consulting a doctor.

Typically, tinnitus is associated with stressful situations, it can also occur as a complication of various diseases or due to receive ototoxic medicines. Often, tinnitus is accompanied by more or less significant hearing loss.

Synchronous hyperactivity of nerve cells leads to a vicious circle in the auditory cortex. Synchronised nerve cells begin to more closely united, and the better their relationship, the better coordination of their synchronized functioning of painful activity. The brain learns some phantom sound, tinnitus. Treatment of tinnitus by ANM aims to «unlearn» the brain again.

As a result of long-term interdisciplinary research in mathematics, physics, neuroscience and medicine established method of treatment of tinnitus by returning the nerve cells in the auditory cortex in the healthy chaotic state.

The method of treatment of tinnitus with an Acoustic neuromodulator is comfortable and soft. It uses spatial location of sound frequencies in the auditory cortex to acoustic stimulation of the affected area. Tuned to the unique frequency of tinnitus in a patient using a specially invented algorithm for the cordinated reset (Coordinated Reset ®) are generated by special sounds.

The method is not suitable for patients with a Meniere’s disease, and those who, because of severe hearing loss, is not able to hear signals from the headphones.

  • Coordinated Reset
  • The group simultaneously excited nerve cells.
  • With the synchronization of sound pulses is destroyed.
  • Coordinated Reset
  • This creates a smaller group of synchronized cells.

During a pause in the stimulation of the cells into the state of health of chaos.

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