Remedy For Ofloxacine( Hearing Loss) Using Ear Drops

Important note for patients:

This article is a professional discussion, do not change or stop your treatment without the advice of your doctor, the latter knows your case perfectly. In addition, the scientific data are constantly evolving, your doctor may be able to rely on data that we do not have.

Never rely on the Internet to make medical or therapeutic decisions, the risks of mistakes are enormous with serious consequences for your health.

Acute otitis externa are acute inflammations of the epidermis and dermis of the external auditory canal, mainly of bacterial origin. Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus, the famous staphylococcus aureus, are the most frequently implicated bacteria.

Various local medicines reduce the duration of symptoms, but even in the absence of treatment, the course is often spontaneously favorable in a few weeks.

Comparative Analysis :

Rifamycine (Otofa )

There is no randomized controlled trial evaluating rifamycin as an ear drop in acute otitis externa, placebo or other antibiotic therapy. In other words, the use of atrial rifamycin in acute otitis externa is not based on a comparative clinical evaluation.

The review reports that Martindale (a basic literature in clinical pharmacology) states that rifamycin is active against Gram-positive bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus, but its activity is more inconstant against certain Gram-negative bacteria, Pseudomonas  aeruginosa.

In the Summary of Characteristics (RCP) of the Otofa rifamycin-based specialty , rifamycin is reported to be inactive against pseudomonas aeruginosa, leading to clinical and microbiological failures.

Pharmacist’s opinion:

To recall the ototoxic auricular forms: Polydexa, Antibio Synalar and Auriculuram. Their administration can only be made after oscillation of the tympanic state. This implies that any hazardous advice or probabilistic prescription should be avoided . In Morocco we have as ofloxacin in Oflocet auricular drop whose advantage is its presentation in unidose containers which facilitates its conservation and whose disadvantage is the price, at 70.80 DH, and which despite a small drop in the last wave Of lower prices in Morocco remains expensive for our patients.

The Spectrum ear drops, DCI ciprofloxacin, at 33.00 DH, is a cheaper alternative and equally indicated in acute otitis externa even with open eardrum.

As a reminder, rifamycin, a complex macrocyclic antibiotic that inhibits the synthesis of ribonucleic acid, can be transformed by hemi-synthesis into the famous anti -tuberculosis drug rifam pi cine.

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